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Rate this pice

This is the first post to the community. I am the mantainer and would like to be the firt to be rated. it is lj-cut to keep download time for the community faster. This is a mono-cermatic peace i did in ten minutes. I only used blueish colors to creat it. I would like every one to rate it. thanks and please join.
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looks like a backround for a graphic-adventure game from the early 80's
I wasn't going for that but I can see it now. I tryed to stay in the same color scheam and blured it out to make a distant, fog, abstract look. Thanks for the rate and welcome to the communaty.
i am not that big on it. um what is the reason that you painted it, just wondering? ten minutes...not too shabby for ten minutes, but i would love to see stuff that you put lots of work into to create.
I'm so sorry. I really hate what I'm about to say. Ok, This is the worst artwork I've ever seen. Are you serious? OMG< I'm so sorry. Forgiveness?